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A little about us

What is Voopy?

Voopy is a hybrid network designed to get people out and about. We understand that humans are social beings that thrive through real world interactions. Our goal is to introduce amazing possibilities through human connection.

What does Voopy Sport offer?

We offer Vibrant, Original & Outstanding Possibilities for You, (hence our name.)

More than just getting people out there, Voopy puts people and services on the map that you wouldn’t necessarily find online. Places like boutique yoga studios, personal fitness trainers and start-up volunteer groups. Voopy offers a fast, reliable and efficient way of connecting local people and places.

What does Voopy Sport do?

For the active crowd, we developed Voopy Sport. Find a sports partner, a netball club, play a game of footie or get tips from a nutritionist. We provide an extensive platform where you can get valuable information and expert advice on staying active. 

Why you’re going to like us.

Voopy will help make your social life easier, more rewarding and so much more exciting. Join today and discover an all-new adventure near you!

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